Theatre, Film and Music

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre

For 2015, a very varied collection of performances which can be found by clicking on the link here  and then putting in your preferred dates.

The Stratford Picture House

Apart from showings of the latest films, this little picture house, from time to time, also has live link ups to shows from around the world eg. La Traviata performed by the Metropolitan Opera. It also shows recordings of recent productions.

Chipping Norton Theatre

Outdoor performances at At Charlecote and  Ragley Hall in the summertime.

The Orchestra of the Swan

Click here for some really great concerts coming up at the Civic Hall in Stratford upon Avon.

The Stratford Music Festival

The Pershore Jazz Festival

Chippy Jazz Festival

Events in Oxford 

There are dozens (or should I say, hundreds...) of events in Oxford all year round - talks, theatre, music.... this is a calendar of just a few which require tickets.  If you don't feel like driving, the train from Moreton in Marsh to Oxford takes half an hour and the station is an easy walk from the centre of Oxford. You have to pay to leave your car at Moreton Station if you haven't found a free spot to park in the town so don't forget to get a ticket for this!

Going to the theatre in London You can travel to London by train and take advantage of some 2 for 1 deals on offer at various attractions, not just selected theatres.  The train fares can be slashed too if you are a party of more than 2 people. Check out Great Western Offers and Group Save to see what is applying at the moment.  Also National Rail and 2 for 1 deals for the current offers on attractions.