Summer Catchup

I have been so busy welcoming new people nearly every weekend (this year most people have booked just a week - next year they seem to be planning longer stays of two and three weeks in the main) and also having family to stay that I have had no time at all to catch up on the blog or even upload my photographs.  The lavender was/is particularly good this year due to all the dry weather and sunshine we had in June and most of July.  It is cooler and rainer now.  The bees have been loving it and I can't help thinking we should have a hive and be enjoying lavender flavoured honey.  However, the person who helps me sometimes in the garden is allergic to bee stings so I don't want to increase that risk.  I counted four different types of bee on one clump of lavender but unfortunatly they would not stay still for a group photograph and it is tricky even to get one to pose on his own!