Spring in Ilmington - blossom and daffodils

Spring arrived suddenly in the second week of March and we seem to be speeding through it.  It was so warm last week (warm enough to have Sunday lunch outside, as if it was a beautiful day in May!) that the dafffodils, which had appeared about a week before, were budding, opening and dying rather too rapidly.  I am hoping that the spell of cooler weather we have been having for the last few days will hold the later ones back a bit.  Otherwise we will have few flowers left for April. Primroses and primulas are blooming well but not for much longer. All around the village, yellow is the theme of the moment.




The garden of the Cottage has a lovely pink flowering prunus and lots of spring flowers.  


In the orchard of Sansome House we have pink plum blossom and masses of apple blossom.  We had to replant most of our ancient orchard last year as storms had brought down the old apple and pear trees.  The new trees are still small but no doubt benefited from all the rain we had in the earlier part of this year.