Coming over all poetic...

I happened to be walking by the church today with my camera in hand as it was a beautiful sunny/cloudy Spring day and I thought I should catch Ilmington in a few photographs.  Quite by chance the church clock was showing significant time and it put me in mind of the Rupert Brooke's poem...  (If you can't see the time it is 10 to 3)

I passed by the War memorial sited on the Upper Green overlooking the village 

it is a beautiful sunny/cloudy day today and work on the extension to our village shop (sited in the old Catholic Church) is progressing well.  They say the cafe might be open at the end of May but no definites.


The poetic theme continued (Wordsworth this time) when I came down Back Street past an old orchard near the church....

And on the other side of the church, in the field next to our house, the March born lambs are getting fat and so not quite so frisky and 'jumpy' as they were!


There is a delicious Spring like perfume by our gate